martes, 25 de enero de 2011

hello friends welcome to my page

Hello, My name is Geisembert am a student of industrial engineering and this my assignment book in English ... I hope you like ...

My Poem

My Friends

these are my classmates...

This photo shows a class activity, it shows my team of English,  Gregory Ferrer likes listening to music, drink with friends. live in Maracaibo , studied graphic design, He is a 20 year old and speaks litte Spanish and English.
He is tall. He is average wight. He has dark brown eyes. He has short ,curly, black hair.
Elioamar Nuñez likes go to the movies and drink, live in Maracaibo. He studied Ingeneerin Informatic , He is a 18 year old and speaks litte spanish and English.
 Eliomar Nuñez is tall . He is thin , He has dark brown eyes. He has short , straight , black hair. 

In second life. 

lost in the game, I was drowning. 
He is Mrforex18 My Avatar in second life

Hi molly   
[2011/02/26 21:57] Molly01: [2011/02/26 21:57] Molly01: sorry if you were talking earlier I could hear you
[2011/02/26 21:57] Molly01: can i ask why i can't see you?
[2011/02/26 21:58] MrForex18: yeah
[2011/02/26 21:58] Molly01: so why?
[2011/02/26 21:59] Molly01: nope
[2011/02/26 21:59] Molly01: sorry
[2011/02/26 21:59] MrForex18: do you speak spanish??
[2011/02/26 22:00] MrForex18: where are you from ?
 She is Molly is my friend in second life . She  is  from pacfic northwest.
[2011/02/26 22:00] Molly01: oh the [2011/02/26 22:01] MrForex18: where ?
[2011/02/26 22:01] Molly01: pacfic northwest
[2011/02/26 22:01] MrForex18: ok lady
[2011/02/26 22:02] MrForex18: I am from españa
[2011/02/26 22:02] Molly01: oh cool
[2011/02/26 22:02] Molly01: sorry I can't speak spanish
[2011/02/26 22:02] Molly01: So are you new to second life?
[2011/02/26 22:03] MrForex18: yeah
[2011/02/26 22:03] Molly01: me too sort of
[2011/02/26 22:04] MrForex18: How are year old ?
[2011/02/26 22:04] Molly01: um...30,,why>
[2011/02/26 22:05] MrForex18: i wanna know
[2011/02/26 22:05] Molly01: oh kay
[2011/02/26 22:06] MrForex18: no problem ?
[2011/02/26 22:06] Isabelle Restful: want to meet my gf in rl storm
[2011/02/26 22:06] Isabelle Restful: she is online
[2011/02/26 22:06] Isabelle Restful: my like real life sister
[2011/02/26 22:07] MrForex18: ssorry i can ´t speak inglish ., you can write complete
[2011/02/26 22:08] MrForex18: nice to meet you molly
[2011/02/26 22:08] MrForex18: bye
[2011/02/26 22:09] Molly01: nice to meet you too. later   

At the supermarket

The cost of living in Caracas is expensive . There is a lot of people.
It has good public trasportation there are a lot buses, cars and taxis , There is a lot of crime in Caracas there is much traffic...
In Maracaibo the cost of living affordable there are 1.897.655
people  in Maracaibo the public trasportation is  very good there is much crime. the is a little traffic. There is very very pollution in Maracaibo. Maracaibo is hot and beutifull city.